Hi! We’re the Canadian skydivers behind ParaFunalia. We are true believers in enjoying life, seeking new adventures, and having fun. Which is why we’ve dedicated our lives to the skydive industry.

We started jumping back in 2001 and watched the sport evolve to what it is today. Skydiving all over the world allowed us to gain a ton of knowledge and experience. 

From the beginning we both had a strong passion for the design and construction of skydiving gear. In the winter of 2013 we decided to adventure down to the US to earn our FAA Senior Parachute Rigger ratings. We ended up staying for several months, traveling to different DZ’s, jumping, and learning as much as we could. It was hard to leave the land of plenty to go back to a one Cessna dropzone, but we love Canada and our friends so we took our new skills back home and practiced under the mentorship of several master riggers. In the fall we went down south again to volunteer at factories and learn to sew more professionally, help build containers, and practice more advanced repairs.

Eventually we out grew our Manitoba home and our thirst for a big dropzone experience, with a faster plane, pond, and more fun people to jump with took us to Edmonton Skydive Centre. In 2015 we stormed into the 30th anniversary season and fell in love. What can we say, it’s a jumper and riggers’ paradise. We dreamed of opening a shop and rigging loft and by the next season ParaFunalia was born.

We went from a sewing machine in the back of our trailer to a full service rigging loft. We’re now equipped with 7 sewing machines capable of handling relines, canopy patches, container work, jumpsuit mods, and more. We also manufacture accessories, such as legpad covers, slider keepers, and the occasional boogie costume. 


Being Canadian, you might wonder what we do in the winter months when we’re not down south. Well for us there is no “off-season” because when we’re not working on ParaFunalia’s next venture and fulfilling orders we’re shredding the powder filled mountains of Alberta & BC.