NEW! ParaFunalia Weight-Belts – Made In-House

We at ParaFunalia pride ourselves in being skydiving gear specialists who are also heavily involved in the design and construction of various skydiving accessories. Our loft has some of the finest riggers in the country who are passionately working to provide us Canadians with highest-quality skydiving gear that is made right here the land of maple, beavers, and bacon.

Today we are proud to introduce the ParaFunalia Weight Belt, designed with the finest materials and your comfort in mind. It’s great for Canopy Piloting, Formation Skydiving, and light-weights that are looking to increase their mass. They can also be used as a tool for downsizing, allowing you to stay on the canopy you are used too while increasing your wing loading – making for a smoother, safer transition to a smaller parachute. Our weight belt merges a highly durable design with style and function.

ParaFunalia Weight-Belt for Skydiving


  • Constructed with two rows of heavy-duty 1″ wide webbing, secured around the perimeter of the belt.
  • Fastened with adjustable Mil-Spec buckles.
  • Separated into 8-10 sections (depending on size).
  • Reinforced with vertical seams to keep the weight pouches secured in place, while also evenly distributing the weight load for a more comfortable opening.
  • Each section is able to hold up to a maximum of approx. 3 lbs. giving the belt an overall maximum weight of 24-30 lbs, depending on the size.
  • 3 options for size (Small, Medium, or Large).
  • Finished with a heavy-duty YKK Zipper along the top of the belt allowing you to quickly add/remove weights without ever having to take it off.
  • 3D Spacerfoam padding lines the inside of the belt, creating a sponge like feel for superior comfort. You might as well be wearing a pillow. 

 Starting at $129 CAD


Want to hear more about our behind-the-scenes projects? Have any questions, suggestions, or ideas of your own, give us a shout, eh!


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