ParaFun Points Rewards Program

We are extremely thankful for all of your support! Without you we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what we have so far and for that we are truly grateful! But we don’t want to just BE grateful, we want to show you how appreciative we are and to do that we’ve created the ParaFunalia Rewards Program.

Every time you support ParaFunalia we will show our thanks in return by hooking you up with ParaFun Points

So how does it work?

Points are earned for every dollar you spend and can then be redeemed towards anything in the store. It’s that easy. And if you’re hungry for free stuff, then great! Because we’ve also included a number of other ways to help you collect points even faster:

Join the Fam: Earn 500 points for creating an account. (an account is required in order to collect ParaFun Points)
Submit a Review: Earn 100 points for each approved product review.

How do you use ParaFuna Points?

Collect points and use them towards dollar discounts on anything in the store.
earn 100 ParaFun Points to redeem $1 CAD

Make sure you’re registered and signed into your account at the time of checkout so you can keep earning and redeeming more ParaFun Points!