Javelin Odyssey Skydiving Container

Sun Path

Javelin Odyssey Skydiving Container

The Javelin Odyssey Skydiving Container by Sun Path has been raising the bar for safety, comfort, and durability since the turn of the century, which is really just a fancy way of saying - since 2001.  

It's been a fan fave in the industry for years and continues to be one of the most popular skydiving containers in the world. Continually being chosen by more world champions than any other harness container system in the world and potentially the entire galaxy! 

Sun Path's dedication to testing new materials and furthering manufacturing processes will be sure to leave the Javelin Odyssey in it's prestigious limelight for years to come. 

...And if that wasn't convincing enough, here's a little fun fact:

Odyssey literally means "an Epic Journey"

I mean, what else could you ask for in a skydiving container?! It has to be awesome - it's in the name!



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