MarS m2 multi AAD

MarS a.s.

The m2 multi Automatic Activation Device (AAD)  by MarS features the following 5 modes in one sleek compact device:

1. Student

2. Intermediate

3. Professional

4. Canopy Piloting 

5. Tandem

The m2 multi is constructed using the latest research and developments in the industry and is specifically designed for skydiving/parachuting. It functions by automatically cutting the reserve closing loop in situations where the skydiver goes below a certain altitude while still falling at excessive speeds.


  • Compact, smooth, rounded structure with stainless steel or aluminium alloy metal parts
  • Can be submersed in up to 2 meters of salt or fresh water - ideal for swoopers!
  • Battery lifetime of 15 years or up to 15,000 jumps
  • No scheduled service requirements
  • Stores the flight record during active use
  • Replaceable cutter
  • Flexible cables
  • Simple operation that is user friendly
  • One of the most affordable AADs on the market


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