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    review rating 0  Great communication, great guys and xtremly fast shipping! 🤟🏻

    thumb Patrick Michaud

    review rating 0  Thanks a lot! It pleasure to dealing with you guys. Fast international shipping. Good products.. I definitely recommend this store תודה רבה חברים 🙂 ובהצלחה...

    thumb Leon Kiviliov

    review rating 0  It’s also a pleasure dealing with ParaFunalia! The staff are great! Regardless of my questions, the staff always have responded with smiles. They are detailed oriented, finding the little mistakes in an order- Like forgetting to order a magnetic closing strap on a suit. Regardless of the order, ParaFunalia has been there to assist. It’s also wonderful to have a shop of this experience in my own backyard of Alberta! To be able to support a local business, and fellow Sky family is awesome!! One can not go wrong with using this business!!

    thumb Noah Kane

    review rating 0  fast shipping and great service

    thumb Mike Nguyen

    review rating 0  Great customer service, quick shipping

    thumb Dustin Frank

    review rating 0  Omri& Tammy r the most kind honest and beautiful on this planet❤ They put their love and soul in everything they do❤ much love and missss u so much

    thumb Efrat Ilan

    review rating 0  they literally hook you up great service great people!!!!

    thumb Chris Shewbert

    review rating 5  So helpful and really work hard to get you into the equipment you want!

    thumb Derek Klassen

    review rating 5  What can I say that wasn’t already said! Excellent place! Contact them for a fundraising event and they got very excited and reached out to help! My official skydiving gear store!

    thumb Alex Dufour

    review rating 5  Great products, and fast responding sales department.

    thumb Alan Boffy

    review rating 5  Timely response to all my questions with the correct answers. Amazing customer service. Any issues were dealt with immediately. A pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend:)

    thumb George Beatteay

    review rating 5  Always ready to accomodate and on top of things, they operate in �!!

    thumb Stef Pouliot

    review rating 5  ive been addicted since 1st try. now i cant pass a day without scrolling their online store to die down my skydiving needs. and sometime , i end up trying a new product. and you know what, they deliver.�

    thumb Charles Lepage-Malenfant

    review rating 5  Parafunalia hooked me up! From buying a helmet and alti to my first rig, they've been at each step and made the process almost too easy! Thanks guys �

    thumb Dillon James

    review rating 5  It all started as a tandom jump and alot of questions. Tammy and omri have really been the most informal and friendliest sky peeps ive met. Well besides being the most caring mofos i know. I bought a speed suit was a big step and i was helped and guided all the way. It arrived and was everything i wanted. Then it was time for a rig and let me tell ya for free. The best exp ever and one more thing ill tell ya for free.........PARAFUNALIA WILL HOOK YOU UP.......AND YOU WILL LOVE IT

    thumb Kris Mason

    review rating 5  Omri and Tammy are two of the coolest people I know. They turned the daunting task of piecing together my first rig into an exciting and enjoyable experience. They answered all my newbie questions in stride and I couldn't be happier with my new gear. Thanks guys!

    thumb Paul E. Sarge

    review rating 5  Awesome everything

    thumb Dan James

    review rating 5  Top notch good people. Great service!!

    thumb Kertis Gilchrist

    review rating 5  Got my stuff delivered to me right at my workplace ! Great stuff awesome people

    thumb Riley Cartier

    review rating 5  Excellent fast service. My order came in on time exactly like they said it would. Highly recommend these guys.

    thumb Luke Redmond

    review rating 5  

    thumb Shauna Bourassa

    review rating 5  These guys are amazing!!! They are super knowledgeable and answered all million questions I had and just went above and beyond helping me construct and order my very fist rig!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    thumb Petra Somos

    review rating 5  

    thumb Benjamin E Cohen

    review rating 5  Bought several small items that were shipped quickly. Parafunalia makes it easy to purchase skydiving equipment without having to pay expensive customs costs. I highly recommend them!

    thumb Alvin Punzalan

    review rating 5  Awesome people who provide quality service and products with a personal touch!

    thumb Emily Corkery

    review rating 5  Great service! Provided them a wrong address, and they stuck by my order until my error was fixed, and package delivered! Will be using them again reeaaallll soon!

    thumb Marty Anderton

    review rating 5  Awesome new company, that is helping the Canadian Skydive Family get great gear, fair prices, and no hassles. Tons of in stock items, and fast shipping. Great to see them support the skydive community, hope we all can do the same.

    thumb Dean Schryver

    review rating 5  Super fast friendly service! Emails with shipping updates sent as the order was processed. Definitely will order from again.

    thumb Anthony Palagian

    review rating 5  

    thumb Peter Kozak

    review rating 5  Very happy to have a distributor in my home town, avoid shipping costs and support local Canadian sky fam!

    thumb Kyle Warren

    review rating 5  Excellent service! I place an order on Sunday evening after 8 pm and had confirmation of shipping with a tracking number by Monday afternoon AND shipping was FREE! Much thanks Parafunalia 🙂

    thumb Ian Harrop

    review rating 5  

    thumb Bryan Skydive

    review rating 5  Tammy widened the waist on my suit when my gut grew too big. Everything was fast AND affordable. Awesome customer service and awesome people!

    thumb Jeff Buchan

    review rating 5  

    thumb Jean Larocque

    review rating 5  

    thumb Theresa Mackenzie Whiskeyjack

    review rating 5  

    thumb Anna Landsman

    review rating 5  I love working with Tammy and Omri, not only do they care about the customer, but they also understand the sport. You're in good hands 👌🏼

    thumb Lea Katherine

    review rating 5  

    thumb Pete D Regier

    review rating 5  Tammy sewed the shit out of my new BOC when I neglected my gear. Fast and professional. Hi Omri.

    thumb Ian Underhill

    review rating 5  Thanks for another great hook up. Same day delivery!! WOW unheard of anywhere else.

    thumb Lance Lefebvre

    review rating 5  

    thumb Casey Pauls

    review rating 5  best customer service in the biz!!! Thanks again for everything guys!!!

    thumb Travis McBride

    review rating 5  

    thumb Elie H-Lacroix

    review rating 5  

    thumb Bob Mac

    review rating 5  Thanks to Tammy for the leg strap cushions, night and day difference in jumping

    thumb Jody Canning

    review rating 5  If you like meticulous rigging, speedy service, quality products and fantastic customer service...then check out this amazing company! They pretty much cover all the basis, even gear sales! Go check them out!

    thumb Rick Nelson

    review rating 5  

    thumb Francois Roch

    review rating 5  

    thumb Perry Medina

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    review rating 5  You can’t beat the service at Parafunelia. They are quick to respond and very helpful with all the questions I had. They have everything a Skydiver needs and it’s Canadian, not to mention all the goodies they send you with your purchases! There is no where else I want to go.

    thumb Tammy M

    review rating 5  Great service, fast shipping and low cost!!!

    thumb william ayotte

    review rating 5  Amazing customer service and attention to detail!!

    thumb skydiverdub

    review rating 5  Get website! Get Customer Service! Get products! The staff are world notch when it comes to customer service. No matter how stupid my questions are, the staff always answers them! They are extremely patient with customers questions and requests. I will continue to purchase my skydiving needs from ParaFunalia! Great vibes!

    thumb Noah Kane

    review rating 5  I purchased my first full rig here, through Omri. From start to finish, he was focused on communicating clearly - and on getting me the best equipment which was most applicable to my skill level and budget. I received frequent updates as the various custom components were being manufactured. When it was completed, the shipping was prompt and beat out the initial timeline estimate. Since then, I have purchased an audible and visual altimeter from Parafunalia, and plan on returning again for any of my skydiving equipment needs.

    thumb Hal H

    review rating 5  ParaFunalia is a fantastic resource for Canadian skydivers! I strongly recommend ParaFunalia for rigging services and expert advice. They are knowledgeable, professional, and always prompt. I recently had a wonderful experience selling a canopy with Parafunalia's team and was very happy for the help!! I got the best price possible and they handled the entire transaction for me! ParaFunalia also has the latest gear and gadgets in their sales location at Edmonton Skydive! Just fantastic! The very best skydiving equipment advice imaginable!

    thumb Aaron Peterkin