The Loft

 With over 20 years of combined experience in the skydiving industry and 10 years in the rigging business, we have the expertise, tools, and quality materials needed to repair, alter and manufacture anything you need.

Repairs & Alterations

The ParaFunalia LoftWe have 6 different sewing machines that are each designed to handle different types of repairs. Some are designated for line work only, while others are for canopy materials, container repairs, binding work, and even jumpsuits!

With all these tools we can provide services such as relines, canopy patches, BOC replacements, wingsuit container modifications, brake to toggle length adjustments, and more.




Inspections and reserve packing are a labour of love, and require a strong dedication towards continued education, attention to detail, and desire for perfection, every time.

In addition to assembling and (re)packing your gear we also provide gear sales services, such as estimates, pre-purchase inspections, and container washes.

If you are looking to downsize or change platforms we can switch over your canopies and show you how it’s done!





Manufacturing Leg Pad CoversFrom raw materials to skydive accessories, we are proud to offer quality products, such as: Weight belts, belly bands, slider keepers, canopy bags, and leg pad covers. Keep checking back in – we have more exciting projects in the works!