Thanksgiving – ParaFunalia Style!

Introducing the ParaFunalia Rewards Program

It’s that time of year where we gather with family and friends and think about all the things we’re thankful for. For skydivers that list should be pretty easy: Dropzones, jump planes, weather gods, and free beer. Or even just for skydiving in general. I mean, we live in a time where we board this metal flying machine and then at some point decide to open the door and throw ourselves out without fear because soon we will be saved by a ball of fabric that appears above our heads and safely brings us back to the ground. Like, what a time to be alive!

At ParaFunalia, we too have plenty to be thankful for: We’re thankful for all the awesome jumps we’ve done this year, the amazing memories made along our boogie tour, the extra altitude loads (thanks ladies!), and of course the awesome SkyFam that we’ve met along the way.

But most importantly, this year, we are thankful for you!

Without you we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what we have so far and for that we are forever grateful. But we don’t want to just BE grateful, we want to show you how appreciative we are and to do that we’ve created the ParaFunalia Rewards Program.

Everytime you support ParaFunalia we will show our thanks in return by hooking you up with ParaFun Points. So how does it work?

Points are earned for every dollar you spend and can then be redeemed towards anything in the store. It’s that easy. 

We’ll give you a head start – sign up this long weekend and earn 1,000 ParaFun Points!

And if you’re hungry for free stuff, then great! Because we’ve also included a number of other ways to help you collect points even faster:

Join the Fam: Earn 100 points for creating an account.
Birthday Points: You’ll be gifted 500 points just for being born!
Sharing is Caring: Earn 100 points for sharing our website on Facebook.
Be Social: Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and Earn 50 points each.
Spread the Love: Refer a friend and earn 1000 points when they make their first purchase AND they’ll earn $10 off at the same time!
Submit a Review: Earn 50 points for each approved product review.

    And for all of our existing customers the rewards are even sweeter – You’ll be gifted 500 ParaFun Points for already being part of the family! Thanks friends!

    So how do you use ParaFuna Points?

    Collect points and use them towards dollar discounts on anything in the store.
    earn 100 ParaFun Points to redeem $1 CAD

         500 points = $5 off voucher

      1,000 points = $10 off voucher

      2,500 points = $25 off voucher

      5,000 points = $50 off voucher

    10,000 points = $100 off voucher

    When you’ve earned at least 500 points you’ll get a coupon code that can then be used towards your next purchase, or you can continue to collect points to redeem a higher dollar discount. Just make sure you’re signed into your account at the time of checkout so you can keep earning and redeeming more points.

    So this Thanksgiving, treat yourself to more than just a second serving of fixings, treat yourself to ParaFun Points and be on your way to free stuff in no time at all!


    Click here to create an account and start earning ParaFun Points instantly!

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